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USS Conserver Crew on TV

What year was this? Can any of you identify anyone in this video? Leave your comments below.

6 thoughts on “USS Conserver Crew on TV

  1. I believe it was 1989.

  2. That’s me in the center I was an MS1 at the time.

  3. I’m thinking more like the early 90s, after the second recom. I remember seeing it on TV during that Army-Navy game. I think we were living in Ohio then, so it had to be 91-93 time frame. But I could be wrong.
    Anyone onboard during that period should be able to tell us.

  4. I think thats MR1 Rogers front standing and Topia Lifa front kneeling on right

  5. The MUC is on the board, so its after 1984

  6. I believe that was in the 80s. Can’t make out any faces.

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