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10 August 1944 Keel Laid
27 January 1945 Launched
9 June 1945 Commissioned
24 July – 26 AUG 1965 Salvage of the USS Frank Knox DDR-742 at Prattice Reef near Hong Kong
May, 1972 to November, 1972 Westpac cruise
November, 1973 to June, 1974 Westpac cruise
April, 1975 to October, 1975 Westpac cruise
February, 1978 to November, 1978 Westpac cruise
November 25 – 30, 1982 Hurricane Iwa restore power operation at Nawiliwili Harbor, Kauai
February 22, 1985 to July 23, 1985 Westpac cruise – Towed AFDB-2 section to Subic Bay via Guam.
April, 1986 to July, 1986 Westpac cruise – Towed YTBs 763 and 782 to Yokosuka, Japan.
Celebrated 10th anniversary of Papua New Guinea province of East New Britain during port visit to Rabaul, PNG.
Crossed the equator while enroute Rabaul.
September 30, 1986 First Decommissioning
September 30, 1987 Recommissioning
April 1, 1994 Decommissioned and Struck from Naval Register
November 13, 2004 Sunk as a SINKEX target

13 thoughts on “Chronology

  1. SK3 Albert Gonzales
    Dec 1958 thru May 1960

  2. USS Conserver 1963/64 – As I recall the CO was Mr. Lamb, the XO was Mr. Goodale, the Deck Officer was Mr. Trinka, the Com Officer was Mr. Fry (Ens), and I reported to Rutledge QM2. I was a Signalman. We pulled a Jeep Carrier (?) off of a reef (grounded) in the Philippines circa December 63/January 64. We were invited to Imabari, Japan, to play the Southern Japan Woman’s Softball team. Although we had an excellent team – the women beat us bad….6 to 0. My brother, Roland, GM, played 3rd base, I played shortstop. Our team got two hits in the entire game – Roland got one and I got one. Overall it was a combination of fun and humiliation. Great officers & crew.

  3. I have Letters of commendation for the USS Conserver from SECNAV, COMSEVENTHFLT,
    CTF 73, and COMSERVRON FIVE for the salvage of the USS Frank Knox DDR-742.
    Salvage took place in Prattice Reef, out side Hong Kong 24 July thru 26 AUG 1965.
    I also have 27 black and white photos to go with it. should I post them to NAFTS or Here?
    Yes I’m going to Vegas soon as I get around to signing up.

  4. Westpac deployments: 22 February 85 to 23 July 85
    and (dates approximate): April 86 to July 86 … Can anyone who made that deployment provide more accurate dates?

  5. Recall towing ROK (South Korean) mine sweeper on our way back to Pearl May ’74.

  6. I remember Kauai well. That’s where I met my wife, Karl (Gomer) Fyle and I were playing sailor she was a tourist. Imiss her a lot she died from cancer last year.

  7. I served as the doc from Nov 73 to May 77. Romondo picked me up at the airport/

    1. Great to have you aboard, Doc. I don’t remember picking you up at the airport, but I don’t doubt it.

      Do you remember when the fo’c’sle scuttle dropped shut on my fingers when we were on sonar testing ops north of Kauai? The CO diverted the ship to drop Scott Gossler — who had a metal fleck in his eye — and me off at Port Allen for treatment at Barking Sands. The middle finger on my left hand got broken. After treatment at sickbay there, Scott and I got the resort treatment for several days there while Conserver completed her assignment, after which Conserver made her port visit for R & R at Port Allen.

      1. Monie, I remember that week very well. It was like a bit of vacation and I remember taking some good pictures as well. I think I wore safety glasses more after that.

      2. If I remember it was when we towed targets including ex-USS VANCE in 74 between WESTPACS

    2. Hello Doc Hansen,
      Dates get all mixed up but were you the one who gave me those rabies shots in Hong Kong? Did not really hurt but sure was inconvenient to come of liberty every day to get them.

      1. Got to love stray cats.

  8. For the record, the first decommissioning was on 30 September 1986…remember it well! I’m not exactly sure, but I believe the recommissioning was one year later on 30 September 1987.

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