Ship’s Company

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Name Rating/Rate/Rank Reported Departed
Ackerman, John LCDR 5/84 9/86
Adams, John SKSN    
Alderson, Jim MM2(SS/DV) 2/81 4/84
Beckman, David L. CS3 10/67 7/70
Belsha, Bob      
Benoit, Mark      
Carlson, Keith GMG2(SW) 10/82 9/86
Carrier, Ron ET2 8/78 8/80
Carruthers, Brian EM3    
Castro, Robert G. YN1    
Cloutier, Dale EM3 4/82 6/84
Costa, Buzz EM3 1/57 12/58
Davis, Romondo M. EN2 1/72 6/75
Day, Richard EM3    
Delanoy, Ed      
Dwyer, Dave EN2 87 90
Elliott, Timmy EM2    
Ettleman, Robert ICFN    
Foley, Robert EN2    
Gabriel, Bill RM2 1/74 2/75
Gamble, Stephen EN2    
Gangler BM3    
Gitschier, Ron EMFN 83 86
Gonzales, Albert SK3 12/58 5/60
Goodale, Chuck XO
Goscinski, Paul      
Gossler, Scott E. EM1 1/71 7/75
Griffin, David RM3 5/63 4/66
Guillen, Nick BM3 5/66 8/69
Hansen, Keith HM1(DV) 11/73 5/77
Hazard, Dennis SFP3 60 62
Horne, Dave EN1    
Hower, Dale ET1 5/74 5/77
Hughes, Kevin HT2    
Hylton, John      
Johnson Bosun    
Kasik, Mike ‘Jellyfish’ CWO2    
Landry, Jeff OS1(SW) 02/91 03/93
Lang, Chris EMFN    
Langlois EMC    
Lenoirmand EM2    
Lash, Leland “Skip” BMC/DV 74 76
Leonard, Craig QM2/DV 73 75
Loki, Ben ENC    
Maul, Kurt EMSC    
McDonald, Duncan ENFN 72 75
McNeil, “Mac” EN1    
Mayes, Nathaniel EMFN    
Miller, Dean Chief Engineer 3/75 3/77
Moises, Lucky Lt.    
Moore, Rich OS2    
Muller, Paul D. QM3    
Orr, Dano EM2 4/87 8/91
Rosander, Cisco RM3 8/65 8/67
Samuelson, Lee EM1(SW) 5/84 5/86
Seals, Steven SN 4/85 9/86
Shehan, Bob BM3 7/84 9/86
Sisk, Tracy EM3    
Smith, Mark EM3 12/75 5/79
Smith, Richard HM1    
Smith, Ted BM1    
Solly, Jack EM2    
Stark, Art EM1    
Stevens, Fred RMSN 6/90 8/92
Sykes, Roy MM3(DV)    
Thompson, Dave EM3    
Torrez, Ed EM3    
Walker, James EN3    
Westbay, Pete      
Weaver, Kevin ICC 8/81 8/84
Whitehead, Ken SK 79 83
Wittemann, Peter MS1 8/87 3/91
Wittich, Al EN1 8/70 10/71
Wilk, Barry      

32 thoughts on “Ship’s Company

  1. EM3 Dave Thompson
    EM3 Tracy Sisk
    EM3 Richard Day
    ICFN Robert Ettleman
    EM2 Jack Solly
    EMC Langlois
    EMSC Kurt Maul
    Lt. Lucky Moises
    EMFN Nathaniel Mayes
    EMFN Chris Lang
    EM3 Brian Carruthers
    ENC Ben Loki
    HT2 Kevin Hughes
    SKSN John Adams
    EN1 “Mac” McNeil
    EN2 Robert Foley
    EN1 Dave Horne
    EM3 Ed Torrez
    EM2 Timmy Elliott
    Bosun Johnson
    CWO2 Mike ‘Jellyfish’ Kasik
    OS2 Rich Moore
    EN2 Stephen Gamble
    EM2 Lenoirmand
    BM1 Ted Smith
    BM3 Chris yeoman
    BM3 Gangler

  2. I reported to Conserver in Nov 73 as a HM2(DV) and served till May 77 when I left as a HM1(DV). Romondo picked me up at the airport and we left for WESTPAC a week later.

    1. Scotty, I remember that you left Conserver either late June or early July, 1975. I have photos of you at Hickam terminal in your dress blues, headed for Travis AFB. I flew to SFO a few days later and you picked me up in your MG Midget which we drove to Seattle where I picked up my Toyota Corolla.

    1. I believe I reported on board march ’73 after being TAD on the reclaimer waiting for the Conserver to come in from ops.
      I stepped off her brow for the last time Nov ’75 transferred to treasure island for discharge.

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