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  1. Circa 1963 we pulled a Jeep Carrier of a reef in the Philippines. The Procedure took a few days – and I believe it was over Christmas & New Years. I will look for photos. Additionally, at about the same time the USS Conserver was invited into Imabari, Japan, to play softball against Japan’s second best all woman’s team. We had won several games (tournaments) in the Pacific and were quite good. The short of it – the Japanese woman’s team beat us badly – it was humiliating, but great fun. We had (I believe) seven sets of brothers on the Conserver at the time. My brother, Roland, was a gunners mate and I was a signalman – he played 3rd base and I played shortstop. Mr. Lamb was the CO and Mr. Goodale was the exec. Mr. Fry was the com officer, and I reported to Rutledge, QM2.

  2. 98366,Where I live…

    Port Visits (I do not remember the years but I was aboard from Nov.1990 until Decomm 1994)

    In 1992 or 93 the ship visited Anchorage, Alaska for summer solstice.
    Long Beach, California
    Panama to pick up an East coast sub and tow it to Bremerton, WA
    Wake Island was 1991 for a Deep water search for a UH46 that had gone down.

    1. Hey Keith, this is Larry. I’m living in Oshkosh now. Been here for 12yrs. We’re the hell ru!!! LOL. Give me a call sometime. 1 920 290 4366

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