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The Clock is Ticking

The clock starts now to tell us what you think of the reunion committee idea or throw your name in the hat for the committee. Those of you who have already volunteered don’t need to do it again; we have your name in the hat already!

The deadline for comments is Saturday, 27 July. If the consensus for the committee is favorable (and so far it has been), we will publish the list of nominees/volunteers and conduct the election on the website. If you haven’t registered on the site, now would be a great time to do so.

This should be our first step towards getting the “2nd Annual Reunion of Conserver Sailors” rolling!

6 thoughts on “The Clock is Ticking

  1. I think the idea of a committee is an excellent one. I don’t want to put my name in the hat for a position, but I’m more than happy to provide any ad hoc support that may come up.

    Sure am looking forward to this next reunion !!


    1. That was my thought also Pistol. We can lurk together in the wings till they need us!

  2. Please add me to the reunion committee.

    1. Gotcha, Pete. We’ll be voting to get the total size down to a manageable number of guys. Election will be in a few weeks or so.

      Please shoot me the month and year you reported on board and departed. Thanks.

  3. These are the names of people (I think) who volunteered. Comment here if you want your name removed or added to this list.

    John Ackerman
    Jim Alderson
    Keith Carlson
    Dale Cloutier
    Romondo Davis
    John Eubanks
    Skip Lash
    Craig Leonard
    Lee Samuelson
    Pete Westbay
    Peter Wittemann

    Also, I believe the committee should have representation from as many “eras” as possible. That will help us avoid leaving out the desires, opinions or ideas of any Conserver generation. If you know someone who you think would be good to have on the committee, please submit their name as your nomination.

    If your years on board aren’t listed on our Ship’s Company page, please submit comment here or there so I can get them them posted.

    1. I’ll check my list and confirm yours. I think it’s a great idea about getting “era” representation on the committee. Looking at the list, I think we are close.

      Per my previous posts on FB, please remove me from the list. But, I’ll make myself available to help out in any way I can.

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