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I Remember

I remember patching up and sewing many in the 4 years in Conserver. The most memorable was when Roy cut his head open but thought it was a scratch. BMSN Benson had the fuel drum on starboard O-1 level bounce off his head while painting the side. He got shorter and went to Tripler.

3 thoughts on “I Remember

  1. In addition to my tumble down the ladder, you also patched me up the day I stuck my finger in one of the overhead fans in the berthing area. I was putting on one of those horrendous blue jumpers that were part of the working uniform at the time. Today’s cheap plastic fans aren’t very beefy but at least they have a cover that a finger can’t fit through. They would likely stop if you could get a finger past the guard. Not so back in the day, that fan blade only paused long enough to lay open my finger.

  2. Doc, I have a photograph of Roy’s head after that happened. I remember either taking him to Tripler or picking him up. I’ll post that photo soon.

    1. He couldn’t remember his name but swore he wasn;t hurt.

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