Ship Model Drawing Entry

This entry form is plank owners only

The deadline for submitting this form is noon on Saturday, April 9th. The drawing will be held and the winner will be notified that evening.

A recent survey of plank owners showed that 18 of 25 want a drawing to be held at the 2016 reunion to determine who will take custody of the model until the next reunion.

The winner of the drawing must agree to cover the expense of the model from San Antonio to their home and back to the location of the next reunion, most likely to be held in the spring of 2017 on the west coast.

Shipping cost of the model via FedEx is $185-205 depending on origin and destination, and is based on shipping crate dimensions, weight, and declared value of $2,000. If the winner is not present at the reunion, shipmate Dale Hower will arrange to have model shipped to the winner’s home.

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    Do you wish to enter the drawing for custody of the model until the next reunion. By entering, you agree to cover the shipping costs to your home and back to the next reunion, and guarantee it’s safety. (required)