Plank Owner Survey

For Conserver Model Plank Owners Only

USS Conserver model imageThe USS Conserver model is in the custody of shipmate Dale Hower who is designing and building a display case and shipping crate. He will transport the model to the this year’s reunion in San Antonio, TX.

Shipmate Buzz Costa won the raffle held at the 2015 reunion in Charleston, being granted one year of custody of the model. Because the model’s completion and delivery took considerably longer than expected, Buzz decided not his claim to temporary ownership.

The reunion committee feels that the future custody of the model should be decided by the plank owners. Please make your wishes known by completing and submitting the form on below.

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    Should we have another raffle in San Antonio to determine temporary ownership of the model until the next reunion?


    If the majority of plank owners decide to have a raffle in San Antonio, do you want to participate via online raffle?


    Do you want to continue to raffle the model at future reunions?


    If your response to the previous question is NO, Would you approve of donating the model to a museum instead of continuing to raffle it off at each reunion?