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A campaign was held in 2014 and 2015 to raise money to build this beautiful 26-inch scale model of the USS Conserver. Shipmate Jim Richardson took on the task of directing the details of development, and provided the builder with the most minute detail of the ship based on its state before the first decommissioning. Blueprints and photographs were used as resources to create a stunning physical rendering of the ship.

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USS Conserver Model in case imageShipmate Dale Hower handcrafted a wooden base with engraved plaque, a plexiglass display case, and a durable shipping carton to keep it safe in transit. Dale then transported it to the reunion in San Antonio in his vehicle. Dale provided this narrative of at the model’s arrival at the reunion.

I arrived at the hotel around 3 PM. As I was unloading luggage in the front, Mark Benoit happened by. He helped get the crate off the truck and strapped on to the rolling dolly cart I had brought along. I headed for the hospitality suite with the model Thayes and the bellhop headed for our room with luggage in tow.

There was a good crowd in the hospitality suite, Doc Hansen, Craig Leonard, John Ackerman, Kevin Weaver, Lee Samuelson and five or six other shipmates plus assorted wives. I had an audience as I uncrated the model and more help than I needed. I had purposely designed the crate to also act as a pedestal. We draped a table cloth over the crate put her on display. It’s well liked and well photographed.

At the reunion dinner, a raffle was held among plank owners for custody of the model for one year. The lucky winner was by shipmate Dale Cloutier.
Dale Cloutier and Conserver Model imageAs custodian of the model, Dale invites shipmates and Conserver friends to view the model at his home in Hudson, Florida. If you plan to be in the area and would like to see this museum-quality piece, contact Dale at, 716-523-8641, or by private message on Facebook.

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